Aberdare Coffee Planters

County: Kiambu
Society: Aberdare Coffee
No. of Farmers: Total: 30
Men: 25
Women: 5
Acreage Farmed/ Tree Population: 90 acres (50,000 trees)
Altitude: 1,500- 1,950m above sea level
Flowering Period: March/ April (Main season)
September/ October (Off season)
Harvest Season: October- January (Main crop)
June- July (Off peak)
Annual Rainfall Amount: 1200mm average per annumApril – May (Long rains)
October –December (Short rains)
Annual Temperature  Amount: 15- 27°C
Coffee Type: SL28, SL34, K7, Ruiru 11 and Batian (All Arabica varieties)
Farming Method: Sustainable farming
Certification Type: N/A
Average Annual Cherry Production: 10kg/ tree equivalent of 500,000KGs of cherries per annum
Soil Type: Red volcanic and loam soil
Art of Production: Small scale coffee farming, Good Agricultural Practices (GAP), only red ripe cherries handpicking (harvesting), wet processing, fermentation, washing and sun drying of the parchments.
About the Grower: Aberdare Coffee Planters Cooperative Society is composed of a group of small scale coffee farmers, located in Kiambu County, Gatundu North Sub-County, 75km from Nairobi which is the capital city of Kenya. It is 30Km from Thika town, along Thika-Naivasha Road. The area trading and shopping center is Kanyoni of latitude 0o 55’ South and longitude 360 51’ East.Aberdare Coffee Planters Cooperative Society produces premium and specialty Arabica coffee.
Grower’s Cultural History/ Profile: Integrated agri-business farming for cash crops (coffee, tea), food crops and livestock.
Tourist Attractions/ Natural Features: River features and beautiful water falls, Aberdare Forest National Park and ranges, Mau-Mau Freedom Fighters Caves, agro-tourism, Mt. Kenya snow peak viewpoint.
Grade: AA/AB/C:  AA
Processing Method:  Wet processing
Drying Process:  Dry milling after the parchment has dried
Milling Location:  Sagana Coffee Mills
Moisture Level:  10.5%
Cup Report: Special coffee ranging from 86- 90%.High acidity, full body, good after-taste, balanced, uniform, sweet and clean cup. Good fragrance and aroma with flora nectar honey notes, black currant, vanilla and chocolate roast, nuts citrus
and spicy flavor.
Availability: Available From January- May every year
F.O.B Location: Mombasa
Ex-Warehouse Location: Nairobi