Aguthi Farmers Co-operative Society


Aguthi is a co-operative society in Tetu district within Nyeri County with a total number of 2091 registered members. Aguthi co-operative has four wet mills, namely Kagumo, Gititu, Gaaki and Thage-ini.


Parameter Details
Location: County and District Nyeri County, Tetu District.
Name of wet mills 1.Thage-ini2. Gaaki

3. Gititu

4. Kagumo

No of registered members( men and women) per wet mill Thage-ini :Men-441, Women-105Gaaki: Men- 92 , Women-61

Gititu: Men- 203, Women-90

Kagumo:Men-814 , Women-366

Average Cherry Production 920,000 KGs per year
Harvesting season October- December
Average Annual Rainfall 1090mm
Flowering Period April-June
Average Temperature 15-27°C
Soil types Red volcanic Soils.
Altitude above sea level 1600-1650 meters above sea level
Varieties Arabica: SL11, SL34, Ruiru 11.