The shareholders jointly and severally protect, preserve and actively exercise the supreme authority of KCCE in general meetings. The eligibility for membership and the criteria for election of Directors is stipulated in the society By-laws.
The Board directs policy and the affairs of the Society. Their procedures, powers and duties are prescribed by the Co-operatives Societies Act of 2014, Coffee Act and Rules, and the society by-laws.

The Board has maintained good corporate governance ensuring that only suitable persons who can add value to KCCE are in the Board. The Board is held accountable and responsible for the efficient and effective governance of KCCE. They exercise authority with good principles that include; participation, transparency, accountability, effectiveness, fairness, consistency and Rule of Law. They are involved in lobbying where necessary with Government or relevant parties to safeguard the interest of the organisation.

They have created and maintained an ethical culture manifested in their attitudes and behaviour and this has been cascaded to the members of staffs. Our culture differentiates the organization from the competition as one that is concerned about the welfare of our farmers. They emphasise on character excellence, doing the right thing, at the right time and in the right way. They encourage high level of morality to promote a worthy cause with compassion and well-being of the members and coffee farmers.