Green Beans

Available Green Coffee Beans include, Specialty, Premium and Commodity Coffee. About 40% of our coffee falls in the specialty category. The broad definition of specialty coffee is high quality Arabica coffee that scores over 80/100 points on the Specialty Coffee Association of America (SCAA) quality scale.
Kenya’s premium grade AA of coffee, is a measure of the size, weight and shape of the bean. Size is important because bigger beans mean more aroma and flavour – the two qualities that are of the utmost importance to coffee drinkers. Bigger coffee beans are perceived to produce better quality coffee, all other factors remaining the same.

AA: While it may be widely known as a type of Kenya coffee, Kenya AA is a grade of coffee. Beans with a screen size of 7.2 Millimetres. (Approx 18/64 of an inch and often referred to as a screen size of 18) are assigned the grade AA. This grade of coffee often receives a higher price than other grades.

AB: Slightly smaller that AA, with a screen size of 6.8 Millimetres (or 17/64 of an inch). On average, 30% of Kenyan coffee is assigned this grade.

PB: These are the Pea berry beans. About 10% of Kenyan coffee falls into this category.

E: These are the Elephant beans. This category includes the largest beans and is a rare occurrence.

C: These beans are smaller than the AB category with screen size 14 and 15.

TT: These are smaller beans normally separated from more saleable AA, AB, and E grades.

T: The smallest grade of beans. Most of these beans are broken beans. Like wine, these coffees are further differentiated by taste profiles that are unique to the geographical conditions of origin (soils, altitude) and workmanship.

The pricing depends on the quality and other marketing dynamics in the international markets.