KCCD   is a wholly owned  subsidiary of Kenya Cooperative Coffee Exporters and whose mission is to  add value to and package pure Kenyan Arabica coffee for both the local and export markets. KCCD acquires all its coffee from the Nairobi Coffee Exchange. Thereafter, it is roasted, ground and packaged. Throughout the whole process, KCCD acquires the right quality of coffees to allow for the perfect Shiriki blends that bring out the right Kenyan coffee attributes.

KCCD’s vision is in line with the overall KCCE mission of a prosperous small scale coffee farmers who is in control of their business. KCCD’s core values are:

  1. Quality- Delivering a high quality product consistently.
  2. Customer Service- Enthroning the customer and keeping our promise.
  3. Integrity- Telling the truth always.