Kormut Farmers Co-operative Society

This co-operative is also part of the unique Rift valley co-operatives where wet-processing is done at farm level. Usually 3-5 farmers within the same area/village utilize on hand pulper.

After wet-processing, the dried parchment is delivered to the factories where it is then delivered to mills for dry milling.

Parameter Details
Location: County  Keiyo/Elgeyo Marakwet County
Name of factory Kormut
No of registered members( men and women) per wet mill Kilingot: Men-70, Women-120
Average Cherry Production 133,000 KGs per year
Harvesting Season December- February
 Average Annual Rainfall 1200-1800 mm
AverageTemperature 18-30°C
Soil Types Loam alluvial soils
Varieties Arabica: SL 11, Ruiru 11
Altitude  1500-1800 meters above sea level.
Cup profiles The Kormut cup has medium acidity with a good well- rounded body and slight chocolate flavors.