Roasted and Packaged Coffee

We have different brands as shown below and we also provide for private and white labels.

1. “Shiriki Coffee” Brand

Shiriki is a Swahili word that means to co-operate or to partake or to participate.

Gold Blend
The best beans of the batch, slow roasted to medium levels for the perfect aroma and taste

Lifestyle Blend
A medium roasted smooth coffee suitable for every occasion

Halisi Blend
Dark roasted aroma coffee with the richness of our land.

Shiriki Coffee Bags
Ideal for those on the run and require a fix that is convenient- all you need is to add hot water.

2. Coop Kenya Brand

Reserve Kenya AA
Cup Profile: Fruity and winey
Product Code: Ken/CRK/01

Coop Gold Kenya AA
Cup Profile: Complex cup rich citrus with lemon grass notes
Product Code: Ken/CGK/02

Coop Premium Coffee
Cup Profile: Bold, complex with black currant notes
Product Code: Ken/CPC/03

Coop Classic Coffee
Cup Profile: Bright acidity with orange notes
Product Code: Ken/CCC/004

Coop Lifestyle Coffee
Cup Profile: Sweet balanced cup with grape fruit notes
Product Code: Ken/CLC/05

“Shiriki Coffee” Brand Product Images