Roret Farmers Co-operative Society

This co-operative is part of unique Rift valley co-operatives where wet-processing is done at farm level. Usually 3-5 farmers within the same area/village utilize one hand pulper.After wet-processing, the dried parchment is delivered to the factories where it is then delivered to mills for dry milling.

Parameter Details
Location: County and District Kericho County, 80 kilometers South West of Kericho town which is home to large tea estates and approximately 150 kilometers from Eldoret.
Name of factory Roret
No of registered members( men and women) per wet mill Roret:Men-700, Women-580
Average Cherry Production 300,000 KGs per year
Harvesting season December- February
 Average Annual Rainfall 1600-1800 mm
Average Temperature 22-28 degrees centigrade
Soil Types Loam alluvial soils
Varieties Arabica: SL 11, Ruiru 11
Altitude above sea level 1500-1800 m .a .s l
Cup profiles The Roret cup has medium acidity with a well- rounded body and slight chocolate and vanilla notes