Kenya coffee is grown on well drained red Volcanic Soils, rich in phosphates around the slopes and foothills of Mount Kenya, the Aberdare ranges, Mt Elgon, the Kisii Highlands, and parts of the Rift Valley. The type of coffee grown in Kenya is Arabica, with Robusta only making up 1 percent of the coffee. All Kenya Arabica is produced above an altitude of 1220 m above sea level.

Kenya coffee goes through a systematic protocol from seed to cup; from nursery, farm, pulping, milling and grading. The hand picking and hand sorting, sun drying and processing ensures that the resulting cup is extraordinarily well balanced in body, acidity, intense flavour, and pleasant aroma with notes of blackcurrant, honey, caramel and chocolate. Attention to detail guarantees that the consumer only gets the best of Kenya’s coffee which is one of the most sought-after coffees in the world. There are two distinct flowering seasons in a year; March/April and October to December. In most Counties, the main crop ripens from October to December. The early crop starts in May to July and therefore coffee is available throughout the year.