Why Value Addition to Kenya’s coffee

  1. Much of the profits from coffee is derived from value added products as opposed to the selling of coffee beans for further processing. The Kenyan coffee sector is dominated by the private sector and not the farmers thus the former gets most of the value of traded coffee. As such, farmer incomes have remained low leading to high poverty and insecure livelihoods.
  2. There is a growing urban coffee culture trend among young adults and professionals that farmers should exploit. Increasing urbanization and higher incomes among the middle and upper classes are driving the growth of fresh coffee markets.
  3. The development and promotion of local consumption of coffee will create alternative markets and reduce dependency on dynamic international markets. Local markets will help to retain the value of coffee locally and in turn improve farmers’ incomes.
  4. KCCD was incorporated to support the farmers in roasting and packaging coffee through its brand name ‘SHIRIKI’, offering value added coffee in retail with the proceeds going towards improving the farmers’ incomes directly.
  5. KCCD aims to ensure consumer satisfaction and safety by providing consistently quality and healthy coffee for consumption. Kenya produces the best coffee in the world. Kenyans should be given an opportunity to enjoy their coffee.